The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2021

The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2021
The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2021

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Who is Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2021:

Who is The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2021? – We’re takjng a vote for your favorite Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series. Who is Best Couples Turkish? vote here now! We choose Best Couples Turkish 2021 according to your votes. This list is composed of the Best Couples Turkish.

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Nominees OF The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2021

  • Eda – Serkan (Sen Çal Kapımı)
  • Ezgi – Özgür (Bay Yanlış)
  • Nare – Sancar (Sefirin Kızı)
  • Miran – Reyyan (Hercai)
  • Zeynep – Mehdi (Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir)
  • Cenk – Cemre (Zalim İstanbul)
  • Nedim – Cemre (Zalim İstanbul)
  • Ayşe – Kerem (Afili Aşk)
  • Efsun – Yamaç (Çukur)
  • Yıldız – Kerim (Yasak Elma)
  • Reyhan – Emir (Yemin)
  • Ramo – Sibel (Ramo)

If your favourite list of the Best Couples Turkish 2021 is not take place in our list, we can add her according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

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The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2021

Reyhan - Emir (Yemin)
33,551 Votes 76.58%
Zeynep - Mehdi (Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir)
4,961 Votes 11.32%
Ezgi - Özgür (Bay Yanlış)
2,682 Votes 6.12%
Eda - Serkan (Sen Çal Kapımı)
1,289 Votes 2.94%
Nare - Sancar (Sefirin Kızı)
979 Votes 2.23%
Miran - Reyyan (Hercai)
160 Votes 0.37%
Ayşe - Kerem (Afili Aşk)
78 Votes 0.18%
Ramo - Sibel (Ramo)
56 Votes 0.13%
Cenk - Cemre (Zalim İstanbul)
19 Votes 0.04%
Efsun - Yamaç (Çukur)
17 Votes 0.04%
Yıldız - Kerim (Yasak Elma)
12 Votes 0.03%
Nedim - Cemre (Zalim İstanbul)
9 Votes 0.02%

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